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Instructor: Sam Sultan [sam.sultan@nyu.edu]
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The objective of this course is to teach you the various basic elements of HMTL. This course is an introductory course to web development, and the publishing of web pages on the internet. There are no prerequisites for this course. This class will start from basic HTML elements, but will quickly move on to more intermediate and other advanced elements and topics. The class is very hands-on, and will allow ample time in the classroom to try out new features discussed in class.

In addition to HTML, we will learn XHTML which is HTML that is based on XML standards, CSS which is Cascading Style Sheets, and some basic JavaScript, and DHTML or Dynamic HTML.

The focus of the course will be on the following topics:

BOOKS - (Required / Suggested)

Required Books -


For non-credit and 2 credit students, your final grade will be based on the following:

For 4 credit students, your final grade will be based on the following:

Grades are FINAL.

Please do not negotiate for a better grade. If you are expecting to receive a grade of an "A" at the end of the semester, then I expect you to attend all sessions, to submit your homework on a timely basis, and to keep up with the class reading material. If you see yourself falling behind do not hesitate to ask for help. This will ensure that you stay current with the class, and will ensure that you get a good grade on your midterm and final exams, as well as on your final project.

To receive your grades at the end of the semester, call NYU TorchTone phone system at (212) 998-SCPS.
You can hear your final grade, and you can request a printed grade mailer be sent to you.


You can always access the Unix server and class web site from home anytime of the day. If you do not have a computer at home, or do not have internet access, you can always use the NYU lab facilities. You can use those computers locally, or you can access the Unix server and web site.

The following are the facilities available for student use:

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