A significant part of your grade this semester is the creation of a full web site. What's important here is not that you finish every single detail; more important is providing an overall framework on which you might build after class has been completed. And although I wish I could simply say, "make a site," and leave it to you to decide the content, I know that without a strict definition of exactly what I'm looking for, students tend to let the project slide, ultimately resulting in a less-than-stellar presentation.

Your final project is important!

Yes, your project is worth a significant portion of your grade. So take it seriously. That being said, I want you to have fun with it. I really don't mind what you choose to do it on--even if it's a personal home page, it's all right. However, in order to formalize this, here's what the project must contain the following:

I emphasize again, take this seriously. Although this may seem like a lot, it's really not too much. (Begin work NOW so you don't stress out by the end of the semester.)

I will answer questions regarding this in class.


In addition, If you are a 4 credit students. A project prososal is due in 5 weeks. This is a formal, 3 to 4 page typed proposal for your project. There are no strict set of design guidelines for this, except that it should include at least the following:

Please hand in this proposal, and keep a copy for yourself.

Click to see sample proposals