[Week 1] 1 Administration (forms, forms, forms).
Introduction to the Internet.
Overview of networking and TCP/IP.
Using the Web. Internet addressing.
Graphical tools (FTP and telnet clients, various browsers)
  2 Introduction to HTML (HyperText Markup Language)
HTML Basic Tags. -- Write your first HTML page.
  3 Introduction to the UNIX operating system.
[Week 2] 4 Using UNIX for web development -- What you need to know.
Network tools (ftp, telnet, ping)
Navigating through the UNIX file system.
Text editors (pico, vi, etc..)
  5 Using HTML -- beyond basic tags.
The META tag, and client-pulls.
Adding colors to your web page -- The RGB hexadecimal color scheme.
Creating images and imagemaps.
  6 Defining and creating tables.
Defining and creating frames and framesets.
[Week 3] 7 Understanding HTML forms.
Input fields, Radio buttons, Checkboxes, Textareas.
Form submissions.
  8 HTTP protocol (Hypertext transmission protocol)
The GET, POST, and HEAD methods
Introduction to CGI (Common Gateway Interface)
MIME types (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension)
[Week 4] 9 Adding style to your HTML.
CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
Inline, Embedded, External style sheets.
Inheritance and Cascading rules.
  10 XML -- Extensible Markup Language. What is it? Do I need it?
Differences between HTML and XML.
How to create a "Well-formed" XML document.
How to create a "Valid" XML document.
XSL (Extensible Stylesheet Language)
DTD (Document Type Definition)
[Week 5] 11 Introduction to programming.
Programming constructs...
  12 Apache web server installation and configuration.
[Week 6] xx Review for midterm (UNIX, HTML, HTTP, CSS, XML, Apache server)
- Midterm -
  13 Images on the web, GIF, JPEG and PNG.
PhotoShop presentation
[Week 7] 14 Introduction to JavaScript.
JavaScript Basics and dynamic HTML.
  15 JavaScript Object and Event Models.
JavaScript Event-Handlers with HTML.
The global Window object.
The Document Object Model (DOM).
[Week 8] 16 JavaScript examples.
  17 DHTML and JavaScript.
What is DHTML?
Netscape Layer object.
IE. All and Style objects.
Defining a common denominator for DHTML.
[Week 9] 18 Introduction to Perl -- Perl syntax.
Arrays and Lists.
Basic Input and Output.
Perl control structures.
  19 Programming with Perl -- More advanced topics.
Associate Arrays (Hashs).
File Input and Output.
String manipulation functions.
User written subroutines.
[Week 10] 20 CGI - (Common Gateway Interface) Perl module.
  21 Perl CGI examples.
  22 Stateful vs. stateless protocols.
Maintaining persistence, various methods to maintain state.
Cookies. (Sample application)
[Week 11] 23 Securing your site with cookies.
Securing your site with .htaccess.
SSI - Server Side Includes.
  24 Introduction to SQL (Structured Query Language).
DDL and DML statements.
Creating Tables, defining keys and Indexes.
Manipulating (insert, update & delete) data within a database.
Query data using SQL Select.
Query data from multiple tables using the join construct.
Searching through the database.
[Week 12] xx Review for final Exam (Image types, JavaScript, Perl, CGI, SQL)
- Final Exam -
  xx - Project Presentations -

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