A significant part of your grade in this course is the creation of a full web site. What's important here is not that you finish every single detail, but rather (and since this course has very tight time contraints) it is more important to exhibit your knowledge of what you have learned in class, and use what you develop as an overall framework on which you can continue building and improving after the class has completed.

Your final project is important!

Yes, your project is worth a significant portion of your grade. So take it seriously. That being said, I want you to have fun with it. I really don't mind what topic or idea you choose to do it on -- even if it's a personal home page, it's all right.

Your Final project must contain the following:

I emphasize again, take this seriously. This is an intensive class, and you are expected to put in the extra effort to practice and familiarize yourself with the topics presented. Begin work NOW so you don't stress out towards the end.

I will answer questions regarding this in class.