A significant part of your grade this semester is the delivery of a team presentation. Each team consisting of 2 to 4 students will be assigned a topic corresponding to one or more "Systems Analysis, Design and Development" topic to study and perform further independent research on the topic. Each team will be responsible for delivering an oral presentation to the instructor and the rest of the students in class. The presentation should last approximately 1 hour, and should cover all topics pertinent to that subject, as well as other topics that might be relevant to the subject at hand. The instructor will moderate class presentation, discussion, topics and dialogues.

The last 2 sessions of this course will be dedicated to team presentions.

Your group presentation is important!

Yes, your group presentation is important, so take it seriously. That being said, the purpose of the presentation is to:
  1. Teach you how to conduct a thorough independent self-study research on a given topic.
  2. Teach you how to immerse yourselves in a given subject matter of interest.
  3. Give you the opportunity to work within a team setting to accomplish a defined goal.
  4. Encourage you to perform management style oral and written presentations similar to ones you will encounter in your professional careers

Your presentation should include: