The course materials can be found on NYU-Classes, an extremely useful online tool designed to help students and faculty communicate with each other. All on-site courses require students to access and use this technology. Here is how to access NYU-Classes

If you are a brand new student:
Go to Then, follow the link to activate your NetID and set your password. You can use your Social security number or your student ID as noted on the course confirmation you should have received

For current students:
Visit the NYU-Home Academics tab and you'll see a button to log into NYU-Classes. Once you are logged in, there will be a Tutorial option in the upper right-hand corner (right next to your name). The tutorial will walk you through all the features of the site. A separate web tutorial is available if you cannot access NYU-Classes:

If you are taking an online course via the BigBlueButton platform:
If your class will be meeting in real-time, you'll be using software called BigBlueButton. This system will enable you to see presentation slides, as well as communicate with your peers and instructor using audio, video, and text chat. You can find BigBlueButton in your NYU-Classes course in the left-hand menu, under "Meetings." Please note, in order to activate your BigBlueButton course shell, you will need to create an NYU-Classes course shell first. A video tutorial is available online: http://youtube/LS2lttmPi6A

Please note the following technical requirements needed to actively participate in BigBlueButton:

Please contact our IT Service Desk at 212-998-3333 (open 24/7) or submit your question via if you encounter any technical problems with NYU-Classes or BigBlueButton.