[Week 1] 1 Administration (forms, forms, forms).
Course curriculum, Course requirements.
Introduction to the UNIX operating system.
  2 Using UNIX for web development.
UNIX "must know" commands.
Navigating through the UNIX file system.
Text editors (pico, vi, etc..)
[Week 2] 3a
Quick review of HTML (HyperText Markup Language).
The RGB color scheme, META tag (reload/redirect), and image maps.
Review of HTML tables.
Review of frames and framsets.
  4 Understanding HTML forms.
Input fields, Radio buttons, Checkboxes, Textareas.
Form submissions.
[Week 3] 5 Adding style to your HTML.
CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).
Inline, Embedded, External style sheets.
Inheritance and Cascading rules.
Absolute positioning with CSS-P.
What's new in CSS-2.
  6 Introduction to JavaScript.
JavaScript Basics and dynamic HTML.
[Week 4] 7 JavaScript Object and Event Models.
JavaScript Event-Handlers with HTML.
The global Window object.
The Document Object Model (DOM).
The Image Object.
The Form and Elements Objects.
  8 Advanced JavaScript concepts.
JavaScript variable scope.
Working with functions.
Working with strings, the Math and Date objects.
Storing and retrieving of Cookies.
[Week 5] 9 DHTML and JavaScript.
What is DHTML?
Netscape Layer object.
IE. All and Style objects.
Defining a common denominator for DHTML.
  10 JavaScript object based paradigm.
Object Oriented concepts.
Defining your own objects with object constructors.
Instantiating your own objects.
Manipulating objects properties, and calling objects methods.
Defining an object prototype.
Defining class variables and methods.
  JS JavaScript examples.
[Week 6] 11 HTTP protocol (Hypertext transmission protocol).
The GET, POST, and HEAD methods.
Introduction to CGI (Common Gateway Interface).
MIME types (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension).
  12 Review for midterm (UNIX, HTML, CSS, JavaScript).
- Midterm -
[Week 7] 13 Introduction to Perl -- Perl syntax.
Arrays and Lists.
Basic Input and Output.
Perl control structures.
  14 Programming with Perl -- More advanced topics
Associate Arrays (Hashs).
File Input and Output.
String manipulation functions.
User written subroutines.
[Week 8] 15 CGI - (Common Gateway Interface) Perl module.
Using to access forms data.
Using to access cookies.
  16 Perl DBM - hash database management capabilities.
Sorting with user defined subroutines.
Pattern searching with regular expressions.
Matching, Substitution, and Translation.
  PL Perl CGI examples.
[Week 9] 17 Stateful vs. stateless protocols.
Maintaining state, various methods to maintain persistence.
Cookies. (Sample application)
  18 Introduction to SQL (Structured Query Language).
DDL and DML statements.
Creating Tables, defining keys and Indexes.
Manipulating (insert, update & delete) data within a database.
Query data using SQL Select.
Query data from multiple tables using the join construct.
Searching through the database.
Loading tables from sequential files.
[Week 10] 19 DBI - Perl DataBase Interface.
DBD - Perl DataBase Drivers.
Connecting to mySql using the DBI module.
Manipulate data using the DBI module.
Querying data using the DBI module.
  20 Securing your site with cookies.
Securing your site with .htaccess.
SSI - Server Side Includes.
[Week 11] 21 XML -- Extensible Markup Language.
What is it? Do I need it?
Differences between HTML and XML.
How to create a "Well-formed" XML document.
How to create a "Valid" XML document.
XSL (Extensible Stylesheet Language)
DTD (Document Type Definition)
  22 Displaying XML in a browser window.
Displaying XML with CSS style sheets.
Displaying XML with XSL style sheets.
Defining XSL templates. Sorting and filtering.
Displaying XML within HTML pages.
Binding XML elements to HTML elements.
Using XML predefined paging methods.
[Week 12] 23 Review for final Exam (HTTP, Perl, SQL, XML).
- Final Exam -
  24 - Project Presentations -

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